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About Me

  • Honoring his Creator God is David's driving motivation, which he ​achieves through his skills and talents.
  • David finds pleasure in the processes of invention, design, and ​construction. His curiosity drives him to learn and understand how ​things work.
  • Gaining a broader perspective is crucial to him. During his free time, ​he enjoys reading, spending time with family, in-line skating, building ​Lego, and indulging in good food.

Educational Background

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Columbia University

-Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

May 2009

BS in Mechanical Engineering

Participant in 3-2 dual degree program with Columbia University

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Pacific Lutheran University

May 2009

BA in Physics

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T.E. Inc

  • Analyzed heating and cooling ​loads for buildings & Compiled ​energy calculations with ​Comcheck software
  • Designed HVAC and plumbing ​systems for commercial buildings ​in AutoCAD
  • Modeled isometric design (3-D) ​for plumbing systems
  • Communicated with third ​structural engineers, architects, ​and contractors for RFIs and ​submittals

Hermanson Company

  • Designed HVAC and plumbing ​systems for commercial buildings ​from start to finish
  • Managed engineering special ​projects team (engineering/CAD) for ​several months while supervisor out
  • Facilitated tasks and mentored ​younger engineers on my projects
  • Consolidated designs with VE ​options to save client money
  • Pioneered development of new tools ​to use in excel and bluebeam
  • Advised and educated architects, ​civil engineers, and clients on ​mechanical designs
  • Calculated heating and cooling loads ​using Carrier HAP software

P2S Inc

  • Designed HVAC and plumbing ​systems for hospital, medical, ​education, and military projects
  • Stamped and signed drawings for ​permit
  • Wrote proposals and sold work from ​mechanical contractors
  • Managed projects with multiple ​engineers
  • Reviewed submittals for HVAC and ​plumbing equipment
  • Led development team on special ​research project of digital twin
  • Calculated heating and cooling loads ​using Trane Trace software

Aqua Air Engineering

§ Co-owner, principal

  • Designed HVAC and plumbing ​systems for various projects
  • Stamped and signed drawings ​for permit
  • Wrote proposals and sold work ​from architects and mechanical ​contractors
  • Developed strategy and ​business plan


Office and Residential Space

  • AMLI Arc (Tilt 49) – 41-Story Residential Skyscraper – Drew & sized condenser water riser, drew & sized waste & ​vent riser. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMLI_Arc
  • Helios (2nd & Pine) – 40-Story Luxury Apartments – Completed load calculations. ​https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helios_(building)
  • 425 Fairview – 24-Story Residential Highrise (Mix-use) – Drew & sized condensate riser. ​https://hermanson.com/projects/425-fairview/
  • Amazon Redmond Town Center – 2-Story Office Space – Full Plumbing design
  • Amazon Skyline Tower - 4 Full floors of TI remodel – Load calculations, HVAC design of low pressure for parallel box ​VAVs, MDF HVAC design
  • Microsoft Building 25 Café – HVAC and plumbing systems for Café renovation including three commercial kitchens ​and cafeteria seating area. https://campusbuilding.com/b/microsoft-building-25/
  • Microsoft Building 25 Hydronics renovation – replaced cooling tower, pumps, and redesigned hydronic system. ​https://campusbuilding.com/b/microsoft-building-25/
  • Microsoft Waterworld – plumbing for industrial center for infused water distribution center for the MS campus
  • BECU Headquarter renovation – 6 Full floors of HVAC TI with all new VAV replacement & and plumbing drawings. ​https://www.becu.org/locations/TFC
  • Watershed Office TIs – Living Building Challenge. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/14/business/deep-green-​office-buiding.html

§ L4 - HVAC initial TI of VRF system

§ L5 – HVAC and plumbing initial TI of VRF system

§ L6-L7 – plumbing design of initial TI

  • WeWork Floor Renovations (Full floor HVAC):

§1600 7th Avenue, Seattle, WA – L7, L8, L9, L10, and L11 (dual duct system)

§ Madison Centre, Seattle, WA – L15, L16, L17, and L18

§ Hill7, Seattle, WA - L2 and L3

§ Westlake Tower, Seattle, WA – L10, L11, and L12

§ IDX Tower, Seattle, WA – L11, L17, and L18

§ 500 Yale Avenue N, Seattle, WA – L4

§ 2401 Elliott, Seattle, WA – L3, L5

§ 999 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA – L10, L11, L12, L24 (parallel VAV system) (job cancelled)

Schools and Universities

Medical Systems

  • Harborview Medical Center NJB L9 & L10 – Calculated airflows for hospital, drew pressurization diagrams, designed ​plumbing systems. Compiled LEED documentation. https://www.uwmedicine.org/locations/harborview-medical-​center
  • Harborview Medical Center Maleng L4 & L7 –Designed plumbing systems. Compiled LEED documentation. ​https://www.uwmedicine.org/locations/harborview-medical-center
  • Zetron – Design computer laboratory and manufacturing spaces for HVAC. https://www.zetron.com/
  • Puyallup Surgical – Design plumbing systems (domestic water, waste & vent, and medical gases of oxygen, nitrous, ​and medical vacuum) for surgical center expansion. https://puyallupsurgeons.com/
  • Urgent Care clinics plumbing TIs at 11 local locations in western Washington. ​https://www.indigourgentcare.com/locations
  • Smile Dental clinic – HVAC design for dental clinic.


§ New Build-Outs: Baxter, MN; Lexington, KY; New Orleans, LA; Sun Prairie, WI, and others.

§Kitchen/restaurant remodels: 45 around the USA and Canada


  • Navy Bangor Building B7450 – Designed chiller replacement with military design standards. ​https://cnrnw.cnic.navy.mil/Installations/NAVBASE-Kitsap/
  • Spaceflight – Designed ISO-8 level cleanroom for satellite manufacturer https://spaceflight.com/
  • EA Sports – 800 5th Seattle Level 5 TI Full floor UFAD system
  • Sonos – 800 5th Seattle Level 4 TI Full floor UFAD system
  • Courtyard Marriot South Lake Union – plumbing remodel with Sovent system & recirculation system update ​(calculated piping losses and invented solutions)
  • Toyota of Olympia and Edmonds – plumbing design of warehouse and office complexes
  • Salvation Army Bellevue Community Center – plumbing design of new building (domestic water, storm, waste & vent, ​natural gas). Helped with HVAC design.
  • Olala distillery – plumbing design of warehouse and industrial area for cannabis infused beverages
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Let's Work Together

Let's Work Together

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